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Make a difference for California students

Partner with Learning Ally and UCSF on a ground-breaking digital assessment for early detection of learning differences.
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California Educators Join the Learning Ally - UCSF Research Pilot!

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What's In It For You

As a pilot educator your participation in developing an early detection screener for students who need early reading intervention is just the beginning.

  • Illuminate how students learn and make a difference for so many more

  • Connect with a community of progressive educators

  • Create a more inclusive school culture for all learners

One Educator Can Change Everything

As a participating educator, you'll help our researchers validate a new digital assessment that illuminates the unique ways your students learn.

With better data, educators like you can pinpoint learning differences — and incorporate these differences right into your day-to-day instruction for more impactful results.

It's powerful to create inclusive classrooms where struggling students learn alongside their peers. With the right solutions, you can make it even easier for teachers to understand what every learner experiences and reach each student with more targeted instruction.

    What happens next?

  1. Apply

    Apply to Participate

  2. Conference

    A member of our team will reach out to determine eligibility

  3. Administer

    Educators administer the assessment protocol with students

  4. Transform

    Your school helps change the future of student assessment — for everyone

  5. Join

    Engage with a community of innovative educators in dialogue about the best practices for early detection of learning differences and how to deliver the most effective literacy instruction

Will you help us illuminate how students learn?

You are eligible if you are a California educator and currently providing in person instruction for grades K-1.

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